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Supply chain risk

Supply chain

Monitor, detect and predict potential risks across your supply chain. 

Understand and reduce risk

Understand and reduce the risk across your supply chain. More and more stakeholders expect organizations to be responsible for their entire supply chain. Political conflicts, natural disasters, manufacturing delays, reliance on vendors supplying ingredients or other parts of the business offering expose your company to risk and financial losses, operational disruptions or reputational damage.

Early warning signs from + 100 languages

When something goes wrong, timing is crucial. Our technology turns millions of unstructured news mentions into intelligent insights and actionable early warning signals to prevent supply chain related threats. We analyze the global news +100 languages. With you’ll have real-time access to relevant smart data. Here’s some of the things you can do with it:

  • Understand your suppliers and the supply chain risk
  • Understand shifting trends
  • Detect potential threats
  • Discover and track emerging risks
  • Track your suppliers and ingredients
  • Fast-track the assessment for potential new suppliers
  • Stay on top of changes in regulatory attitude towards your ingredients, components, packagings and products.

The power of automated analytics

Most often quality beats quantity if you have to choose only one. But what if you can have both?

  • 8M news sources covered
  • 2B crawling operations per month
  • 100 languages
  • 1B AI enrichments a day
  • Enriching in 10 news segments
  • 3M products analyzed per month
  • 4M people analyzed per month
  • 7M locations analyzed per month
  • 9M organizations analyzed per month
  • 1M events analyzed per month

How it works:

With you have protection with a flow of relevant data to help you monitor, detect and predict potential risks.’s technology provides you with real-time access to the relevant information, tailored to match your exact supply chain challenges. Your team can have early warnings with real-time alerts whenever something important is mentioned. To learn more about our technological backbone that makes it all possible, please visit this page.

Implementation: offers the capacity and flexibility to sync data sets to many IT infrastructures, incl. the Microsoft application ecosystem and most business intelligence systems. With the API, you can blend smart intelligence data with other relevant data and workflow optimizations.

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Experience how the unique combination of structured global data from millions of sources plus automation and enrichments by powerful AI, can provide you with the relevant insights from the outside world. This to help you make better-informed decisions, avoid risks and create more value.