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Equity Trading

Alternative insights for all stocks worldwide. In real-time

Corporate Reputation drives the intangible value

84% of market value is intangible. Corporate trust and reputation are key drivers for this intangible value creation. Who can afford not to be well-informed? Instead of low frequency surveys checking pre-defined questions within small populations of respondents for selected companies or brands, there’s a better way. The media landscape is a large scale system that optimizes for attention. And impacts decision making. Attention is a proxy for needs, desires, beliefs, norms, values and emotions. These drive people’s actions. Atlastic monitors more than 8 million news sources and extracts a corporate trust rank for every single publicly listed company in the world. Live updated.

Ranking unlimited

How is the relative live trust/reputation performance for any of the world’s publicly listed companies? Worldwide and/or for specific regions and countries. Access all facts and all rankings across indexes, countries, industries, market cap sizes and any other dimensions you can think of. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Correlations and casualties

Identify and track the correlations between reputation and other variables, e.g. share price and use the data set to spot valuable casualties.

CEO approval ratings

Stay live updated on the media approval rate of the CEO’s and compare it with the overall corporate trust scores to know which CEO’s reputation are assets and which are liabilities. 

ESG perception in 26 dimensions

An alternative to static ESG’s made by the companies is Atlastic’s real-time perception approach, using extremely scalable natural language processing and AI’s to analyze billions of news articles to detect, categorize and benchmark the perceived ESG performance, drilled-down into 26 dimensions. This for every single stock market listed company.

Hottest products and services

Which of the company’s products are people talking about? The most? And the least? Specifically for different regions and countries. Live.

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Experience how the unique combination of structured global data from millions of sources plus automation and enrichments by powerful AI, can provide you with the relevant insights from the outside world. This to help you make better-informed decisions, avoid risks and create more value.