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Crypto trading

Crypto trading

Alternative insights for the cryptocurrency. In real-time

Media attention and reputation is important crypto value drivers

Media attention plays an important role for the pricing of different cryptocurrencies. Atlastic monitors more than 8 million news sources and extracts a corporate trust rank for every single cryptocurrencies. Live updated.

Extensive and accurate

We monitor, analyze and summarize the perceived value of trust more than 2,200 cryptocurrencies across more than 8,2 mio news sources around the world. Atlastic analyze and enrich media data in 100 languages to understand cultural differences

Correlations and casualties

Identify and track the correlations between reputation and other variables, e.g. cryptocurrency price and use the data set to spot valuable casualties.

Ranking unlimited

How is the relative live trust/reputation performance for any of the world’s cryptocurrencies? Worldwide and/or for specific regions and countries. Access all facts and all rankings across indexes, market cap sizes and any other dimensions you can think of. If you can dream it, we can do it.

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Experience how the unique combination of structured global data from millions of sources plus automation and enrichments by powerful AI, can provide you with the relevant insights from the outside world. This to help you make better-informed decisions, avoid risks and create more value.