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Sustainability or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a hot topic. In a business context, it’s about the business model and how team, products and services contribute to sustainable development. Stakeholders’ positive perception of your organization’s ESG performance can be essential for the ability to attract the best employees, to raise capital and for the license to operate in general.


With you’ll have real-time access to relevant smart data

  • What is the world saying about your ESG performance?
  • Benchmark your ESG performance against your competitors and industry leaders
  • Get insights to create your own ESG model with specific metrics
  • Regulatory and compliance initiatives you should be aware of

How it works:

With injected into your preferred IT infrastructure you can access a flow of relevant data to help you track, manage and make better decisions for ESG issues and your business. Follow new initiatives and be inspired, no matter if your focus is diversity, gender equality, UN Global Compact principles or other dimensions. Enriched data is streamlined and easy to overview. Real-time alerts are your insurance against something important happening while you are busy making other plans. To learn more about our technological backbone that makes it all possible, please visit this page.


Atlastic offers the capacity and flexibility to sync data sets to many IT infrastructures, incl. the Microsoft application ecosystem and most business intelligence systems. With the Atlastic API, you can blend smart intelligence data with other relevant data and workflow optimizations.

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Experience how the unique combination of structured global data from millions of sources plus automation and enrichments by powerful AI, can provide you with the relevant insights from the outside world. This to help you make better-informed decisions, avoid risks and create more value.