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Competitive and market intelligence

Competitive and market intelligence

User issue:

Market trends, competitors, brands. To lead the competition an organization needs to be on top on every competitive aspect. But how to monitor and track the trends or an entire global industry? How to know if a competitor is making an important move or new innovations are about to disrupt your market. And how to follow the perception of your own brands and initiatives?


With you’ll have real-time access to relevant smart data

  • Spot industry and market trends
  • Follow industry developments
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Make your competitive intelligence analysis easier and faster
  • Map relationships between companies, products, people and topics
  • Know if your company, brands and products are trusted by the public
  • Get real-time alerts whenever something important happens

How it works:

You can inject the Atlastic pipeline of crunched and enriched live media mentions and analytics directly into your preferred platform or IT system – or you can use our platform. No matter what you prefer, you can benefit from the solution to understand the market trends better than anyone else, to construct a complete picture of the competitors and get a clear take on how your brands are perceived. To learn more about our technological backbone that make it all possible, please visit this page.

Implementation: offers the capacity and flexibility to sync data sets to many IT infrastructures, incl. the Microsoft application ecosystem and most business intelligence systems. With you can blend smart intelligence data with other relevant data and workflow optimizations.

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Experience how the unique combination of structured global data from millions of sources plus automation and enrichments by powerful AI, can provide you with the relevant insights from the outside world. This to help you make better-informed decisions, avoid risks and create more value.