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Atlastic.AI is a technology company that helps you make better decisions. To avoid risks and create value. Our unique combination of global data crawling from millions of sources, automation and enrichments by powerful AI provides you with the relevant insights from the outside world for you to make better-informed decisions.

You need to know what’s going on. Access the insights you need and the insights you don’t know you need before you see it. Atlastic.AI is solutions that can easily be integrated directly into your existing IT infrastructure or platforms.

Enriched media data → better-informed decisions

Atlastic.ai is based on the most recent scientific research and innovations. We source, process and store hell of a lot of media articles and posts a day. The comprehensive global web crawling is not that easy, only a handful of companies in the world can do it. But the really big advancement is the unique AI’s enriching all the raw media data, so that users can access the all important and crunched media and reputation insights in near-real time – and make better informed decisions.

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Atlastic.ai technology stack

Atlastic.ai is combining 6 advanced AI systems to derive deep insights – extracted from a wide variety of online sources and enriched for easy and quick understanding. Deep learning is used for structure and context, making it possible for users to correlate data with other relevant events.