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Atlastic provides live insights for hedge funds and other data-driven companies. The alternative approach to understand intangible assets

  • Live updated data on corporate trust/reputation or all publicly listed companies
  • How is the relative live trust/reputation performance for any of the world’s publicly listed companies? Access all facts and all rankings across indexes, countries, industries, market cap sizes and any other dimensions you can think of.
  • Dynamic portfolio: Define your target range on different alternative parameters combined with well-known parameters (market, index, industry market cap etc.) and get the live insights to which stocks meet your requirements at any given time.
  • Identify and track the correlations between corporate trust and other variables, e.g. share price and use the data set to spot valuable casualties.
  • Benefit from Atlastic’s real-time perception approach, using extremely scalable natural language language processing and AI’s to analyze billions of news articles to detect, categorize and benchmark the perceived ESG performance, drilled-down into 26 dimensions. This for every single stock market listed company.
  • Which of the company’s products are people talking about? The most? And the least? Specifically for different regions and countries. Live.

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